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No 170: Dark circles
Piece of Me. A webcomic about a crappy night\'s sleep and dark eye circles

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04. February 2014

As I've already announced a few weeks back, Piece of Me just got a new comment function - we now use Disqus rather than Facebook comments. This has two benefits: One being that now EVERYONE (yes, I just said everyone) can leave a comment now, regardless of whether you've got a Facebook, Google or other account - you can even comment as a guest. So go nuts. I mean it. The other benefit to Disqus is its look - it just blends in a lot better and works absolutely flawless (as far as I know - if you happen to stumble across a bug, please feel free to inform me.)

Other updates will come soon, including a little facelift for the archive, a better merch shop and an own Youtube Channel, so be sure to check back regularly.

Until then, thanks for stopping by. And put the new comment function to good use. See ya!


Youtube & Disqus - your opinions matter.

14. January 2014

Hope you all enjoyed the last Livestream. Unfortunately, due to some hiccups in my connection, there doesn't seem to be a proper recording on the channel - which is why I'm considering to switch to a YouTube Channel and timelapses instead, since they're way more comfortable to watch in shorter sessions. This technique should also allow me to capture videos in a much higher resolution. A win-win situation, if you will.

Furthermore,I'm thinking about switching to Disqus for my comment section; mainly because that plugin allows for more services to connect than just Facebook (and it even allows people to leave comments as a guest, which should come in handy). Plus, it's easier for me to handle. But of course, I don't want to force those changes on you folks - so please let me know what you think about these plans either on the Facebook page, in the comments or via email. Thank you very much in advance, I'm looking forward to hear from you guys.


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